10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece

Mama Maria, your favourite international and national travel blogger :)), wishing not to suggest the usual top destinations in Greece, decided to propose 10+ original and unique destinations in mainland Greece in order for you to discover the beauty outside the greek islands

Διαβάστε το άρθρο και στα ελληνικά πατώντας εδώ. Eίναι το Ανθομέλι το ελληνικό blog μας.

10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece

Pozar Baths (Macedonia)

Just 100 km away from Thessaloniki you will reach the hot spring baths of Loutraki or Pozar. It is an area full of huge trees, hot and cold waterfalls and lakes which create a landscape of pure and wild beauty. Apart from the therapeutic value of Pozar baths (in Greek Po + ZAP means below the fire), you can enjoy either bathing outside in hot springs or in inclosed individual or large pools. During your visit to the small museum of the baths, you will learn that during Neolithic Era, the area was inhabited by humans. For this reason, the area has been declared as”Spilaioparko” (Cave Park) which is the first of its kind in Greece.

Pozar Baths-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Pozar Baths

For your accommodation we suggest: Irene’s Resort , Agapi Luxury Hotel, Melies Boutique Hotel and Nymfes Hotel

Metsovo (Epirus)

The village is built on one of the highest peaks of Pindos and still retains its unchanged traditional color. Its narrow streets are always full of tourists, shops with woodwork, weaven products and other folk art and smells coming from the tavernas grilling skewered meat. As you stroll around the streets it is sure that you are going to meet smiling old women wearing  local costumes, seating outside their houses and  welcoming you to their paradise. 

Metsovo,Greece-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece

For your accommodation we suggest: Grand Forest Metsovo, Katogi Averoff Hotel & Winery (Metsovo), La Munte Mountain Resort (Anilio Metsovo)

Metsovo,Greece-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece

Lake Plastiras (Thessaly)

Your trip can start from Karditsa (mainland Greece) and by following a beautiful green road among many picturesque villages you can reach Lake Plastira. The lake is artificial and it was created in 1959 using the money Italy gave to Greece after the war. Today, this work is operated by the Public Organization of Electricity and it is  one of the most popular and interesting parts of our country.

10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece, Lake Plastira
Lake Plastira

The tour of the lake is about 70 km and we suggest visiting the dam as well. Along the lake you can fine a lot of hotels and lodgings. Mountain range Agrafa starts from that point and if you condider yourself an athletic type then you can either choose to swim in the lake, rent a canoe or even go hiking or trekking. I am sure you will have amazing experiences.

10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Do not forget to visit the dam at Lake Plastira

For your accommodation we suggest: Nevros Hotel Resort and Spa, Pandion Luxury Boutique Hotel & Suites with Spa, Kazarma Hotel

Meteora (Thessaly)

If you want to spend a few days of relaxation and tranquility then visit Meteora. Shortly after Trikala, you will reach Kalampaka and the “Forest of the rocks”, Meteora, where for hunded years  now monasteries have been “hanging” from the rocks. In the past, monks “climbed” on the mountain inside  a special net since there were no road. However, now anyone  can reach monasteries by car. Meteora is a religious and spiritual place! The area has been designated as a preserved monument for its uniqueness but also for the combination of Byzantine architecture and natural beauty.

Meteora Greece-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Meteora, Greece.

For your accommodation we suggest Kalampaka or Kastraki: Meteora Hotel at Kastraki, Hotel Doupiani House, and for appartments look here: Escape at meteora, Rocks Republic , Luxury Lila House Under the Rocks 

Monasteries, Meteora, Greece, Thessaly-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece-
Monasteries, Meteora, Greece

Book a day trip with tour at meteora from Thessaloniki or Athens or book a tour to Meteora Rocks with bus and local guide or hiking. Press the pictures below.

Trikeri, Agia Kyriaki (Pelion)

Agia Kyriaki is located in Pelion, between  Pagasitikos and Evian Gulf. It is a village – sea port leading to Trikeri. The road which connected Volos with Trikeri was constructed in 1984 and before then the area was only approachable by boat. Even though the ususal landscape of Pilion with sycamones and pine trees is changing and it is transformed into a bush natural area, the beauty of the area remains wild and untouched. Agia Kyriaki is always full of sunlight and the beautiful small port is like an art painting. And what can someone say about the sunset? The sun becomes golden painting Pagasitikos Gulf with magnificent colours while the mountains are reflected on the waters and create magical images worth seeing once in your life.

Trikeri, Agia Kyriaki (Pelion), Greece-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Trikeri, Agia Kyriaki (Pelion)
Trikeri, Agia Kyriaki (Pelion), Greece-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Trikeri, Agia Kyriaki (Pelion)

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Limni Evias (Evia)

Evia Lake is located between Halkida and Edipsos. It is a beautiful coastal town which has its own style, looking like both an island and a mainland town. You can stroll down its narrow lanes and admire the beautiful architecture with the vibrant coloured houses. Its impressive natural surroundings, the pine trees and the sea make it a desirable destination for tourtists. A small paradise where  you can visit all year round to realax and have fun. 

Limni Evias (Evia), Greece-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Limni Evias (Evia) , Greece

For you accommodation we suggest: Astrolabe Hotel, Elimnion Resort

Book here a Full-Day Evia Private Wine Tour with Spa Treatment from Athens

Galaxidi (Central Greece)

The picturesque town of Galaxidi is hidden in a tiny fjord on the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf. It still retains many features of the glamor it experienced during its glorious past. Galaxidi worths a visit if you want to experience both peacefulness but also a cosmopolitan life since it is usually crowded all year round. Stroll down the harbor and let your spirit and eyes to be lost among the boats and the deep blue sea till they reach the lights of the Peloponnese. Do not forget to buy some fresh marzipan cake and ravani (sweet cake) made of rice, cinnamon and cloves.

10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Galaxidi, Greece

For you accommodation we suggest: Ganimede Hotel (great greek breakfast!), Mira Mare Hotel, Galaxidi

Galaxidi is 34 min. far from Delphi. If you stay in Galaxidi buy here your admition ticket with walking guided tour at Delphi (archaeological site & museum).
Alternatively you can book a day drip to Delphi from Athens.

Pylos (Peloponnese)

Pylos is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece also called “Princess of the South”. Even though it was rather recently built (1828 to 1833), its history is great as the clash of enslaved Greeks and the Turkish-Egyptian fleet took place in its bay. It is built amphitheatrically and if you climb to Paleokastro, ie. the fortress that surrounds the town and was built in the 13th century by the Franks, you can surely enjoy a wonderful view. If you visit during summer, do not forget to visit the wonderful area of Voidokilia. 

Pylos (Peloponnese)-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Pylos (Peloponnese)

For you accommodation we suggest: Blue Horizon. What about sleep in a boat? See Carmen Fontana which is located in Pylos.

Methoni (Peloponnese)

Do you know where the greek expression “Koutrouli’s marriage” comes from? When Methoni was under the Venetian dominance, a knight fell in love with a married women, called Asana, and he waited for her for 14 years until she got a divorce. You see, she was Catholic and wished for the Pope’s approval. So when they got married they all cheered for the… Koutrouli’s marriage. And all these happened in Methoni, a welcoming area in the Peloponnese. Its beautiful octagonal tower dominates on the edge of the city and it was always visible by the passing ships. Methoni is a touristically growing area where you can walk along the streets of the village under the iron balconies, the squares with palm trees, lemon trees and enjoy the blue sea with its colorful boats and its castle. A stroll along the old streets of the town will reward you for your choice.  

Methoni (Peloponnese), Greece-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Methoni (Peloponnese) , Greece

For you accommodation we suggest: Achilles Hill Hotel, Ulysses Hotel , Niriides Luxury Villas, Blue Fort Villas, House of Herbs.

Methoni (Peloponnese)-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Methoni (Peloponnese) , Greece

Kardamyli-Mani (Peloponnese)

Kardamyli is build under the top of Mount Taygetos and has been listening to the same name since ancient years. Homer mentions the name of the town as one of the many towns that Agamemnon offered to Achilles so as to return to the battle against Troy. Nowadays, you can find many hotels and inns which are waiting to host you. Do not forget to visit the gorge of Viros, located just minutes outside Kardamyli, where you will be impressed by the wild beauty surrounding its hiking trails. We suggest visiting the whole area of Mani and see in your own eyes its unique beauty. 

For you accommodation we suggest: Vardia Hotel, Melitsina Village Hotel

Kardamyli-Mani (Peloponnese), Greece-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Kardamyli-Mani (Peloponnese) , Greece

I hoped you liked the destinations in mainland Greece I suggested and I am looking forward to your comments or questions. Have you ever visited one of above towns? Would like to visit them? I’ll be glad to hear from you. 

Kardamyli-Mani (Peloponnese), Greece-10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece
Kardamyli-Mani (Peloponnese) , Greece

Mama Maria

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10 must-see destinations in mainland Greece

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