7 reasons to go on a greek island cruise choosing Celestyal Cruises

A few days ago we had the chance to experience the 7 day greek island cruise “Mythical Archipelago” by Celestyal Cruises. Two Greek Travel Families went on Celestyal Olympia to visit 1 destination per day and live an unforgettable experience around popular greek islands. Our starting line was Athens (Lavrio) and Thessaloniki but there one more port you can embark, Limassol in Cyprus. Start with Mykonos then Santorini, Rhodes, Cyprus and Agios Nikolaos-Crete. 7 destinations which will allow you to enjoy history, greek nightlife, shopping, touring and swimming. On the other hand, your stay on the ship will offer you fun, relaxation, entertainment and a little bit of glamor!

So, are you ready to give you 7 reasons why you and your family should choose the 7-day cruise of Celestyal Cruises, the most popular greek cruise company?

On the islands of Santorini and Mykonos you are transported from the cruise ship to the island by small boats every half or an hour

Reasons to choose a greek island cruise with Celestyal Olympia

All inclusive Cruise

  • The cruise is All Inclusive, which means that if you wish you don’t have to spent a euro on board. Your stay, food and drinks are all included in the amount of money you have already paid for the cruise and you can enjoy it without further financial worries. Extra reason? Kids under 12 travel for free!
3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch, dinner is ideal for families and you won’t be listening any “mom, I am hungry” during the cruise.
You can either choose from the buffet or order a la card!
There is also kids menu… pasta, pizza, nugget and more delicious dishes


  • 7 destinations in 7 days! Who wouldn’t want to experience as much Greece as possible! Two cities and 5 islands are waiting for you and your kids to explore. Hop on Hop off experience but not by bus… by cruise ship!
Thessaloniki -Dad and daughter
Mykonos – Greek islands cruise
Mykonos -Callie’s family
greek island cruise – Mykonos – Us!
Santorini – Greek islands cruise

Read more about our trip to Santorini last year:

Santorini – Mom and daughter
Old City of Rhodes – Greek islands cruise
Agios Nikolaos-Crete – Greek islands cruise
New Marin in Limassol- Cyprus


  • Entertainment for adults is endless. There is a casino, a lot of halls with various types of music, there is a big concert with famous greek artists every week, there are dancing and Zumba lessons and night shows with impressive choreographs and songs. In addition, each week a famour greek singer or band offers a night concert which will make you dance and sing with your friends. And don’t forgers drinks are on the house!
Enjoy your coffee at one of the outdoor bars and cafes
Listen to greek or other kinds of music indoors
Listen to Live Music with famous greek singers or bands – greek island cruise
  • Kids can have a great time on board. Our kids loved the diy projects, karaoke and zumba and dance lessons. There is also a “kids zone” with free games and activites. In the same place there are also games working in coins so be prepared to give them some extra euros! They can also play ping pong or basketball (you might need to leave a deposit for the equipment).
Learn Zumba and latin dances and enjoy yourself- greek island cruise
Play video games in the kids zone
  • Swimming pool is always an asset on a ship as you will spent quite enough time on board too. So with two swimming pools and swimming space for very young kids be prepared for some splash! Kids relaxed in the swimming pool after touring the islands while we had the chance to enjoy our drinks!
Head to the 9th deck and have a swim or a coctail by the pool
Kids have fun at the swimming pool


  • There is a variety of cabins to choose from. Depending on your budget you can choose either a standard cabin (with or without a window), a junior suite (that was our choice) or a master suite! Our Junior Suite was excellent for our family consisted of 3. There is plenty of space for your clothes and personal stuff and of course a sitting room and a spacious bathroom with plenty of hot water.
Junior suite of Celestyal Olympia
The staff does everything for our service. Every day a new “towel animal” for kids to enjoy!


  • If you want to feel like a king then the staff of Celestyal Olympia is born to make you feel that way. Everyone is so kind and helpful! We loved our new friends at the Restaurant, the ladies on the kids entertaining program and the cleaners of the 7th floor! Extra reason? Cleanliness was out of this world!
Thank you Celestayl Cruises for the wonderful time we had
Celestyal Olympia ship – See you again next year!

Have you ever had an experience on a cruiseship? Have you chosen a greek island cruise before? What do you think is the best thing on board? How do you usually choose a cruise? We are waiting for your experience as well!


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7 reasons to choose celestyal cruises for your greek island cruise. Explore Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Athens, Thessaloniki, Cyprus.

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