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Hello! Welcome to the Greek Travel Family blog! We are Kathy and Callie and guess what? We are sisters and we are here to inspire you to travel to Greece and all over Europe with your family, partners or friends. But we are not alone. In our Greek Travel Family, you will also find #MamaMaria, our mum, and her motorhome adventures. Three Greek families who love travelling. Husbands and kids approved!

In 2011 we created our first blog, Anthomeli and since then we haven’t stopped writing. Anthomeli is a family lifestyle and travel blog and it has gained the love and approval of thousands of Greek readers. Some years ago, there was one more milestone in our lives as we become members of the Travel Bloggers Greece community, the first team of professional travel bloggers (greeks and expacts) in Greece. All this experience has led us to today where another of our dreams has come true. The launch of our English speaking travel blog, “The Greek Travel Family”.


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Meet the Bloggers: Kathy – Callie – Mama Maria

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Hey there! I am Callie and I am a full time family lifestyle and travel blogger on our first blog Anthomeli! Mmmm, now that I am thinking about it, I’m not only that. I am a translator, an English teacher, a mum, a wife and of course a sister and a daughter. Too many titles for one person, but when you are a life enthusiast living in sunny Greece then everything is possible! As a family travel passionate I am going to show you, here on our second blog, the Greek Travel Family, how to spend quality and valuable time with your kids during holidays! Our family of 3, my husband, my daughter and myself, enjoy enriching our life through travel. So, are you coming along?
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Hi! I’m Kathy and since 2011 I call myself a family lifestyle and travel blogger and I have our blog Anthomeli as my second home. However, when I am not blogging, I use my other qualifications. I teach piano to kids and I make handmade pinatas for parties through our “We Love Pinatas” e-shop! Arts and Crafts was always my cup of tea so I managed to find the golden solution through blogging and profession. On the Greek Travel Family blog, I want to help you find the appropriate accommodation in Greece and Europe , museums and activities for your travel family and book them on the most affordable prices. I do the same for my husband and our two kids, so why not for you!
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Hello! I am Maria, Kathy's and Callie's mom, and everyone knows me as Mama Maria. I am a part of a big happy travel family and I am very proud of all of them. My husband and I have always been travelling but since we bought our motorhome our life has changed a lot. We have travelled almost all around Greece and Europe and I am here to help you organize your trip through my posts. History, sightseeing and culture are my favorite parts of a trip and I am passionate about writing about them on our first blog Anthomeli. Now, our adventures will be posted here on the Greek Travel Family blog and I hope you enjoy them. However, I am still a mum and a grandma and when I am not travelling I like taking care of my family and grandchildren.

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