Accomodation in Sifnos, Greece: Nima Sifnos Residences

Sifnos is an island which belongs to the Cyclades island group in Greece. The capital of the island is Apollonia (dedicated to God Appollo) and it is located almost in the center of the island. That was a usual practice in the past due to fear of pirates and other enemies. The port of Sifnos is Kamares, which means arches and took its name from the caves around the bay. In this island, vacations are carefree and the cycladic heart beats slower than in other islands. To fully experience this slow paced kind of holidays and relax to the full you can choose NiMa Sifnos Residences, 4 newly built appartments, ready to host you in Sifnos. So, let’ talk about accomodation in Sifnos!

Read this article in greek and learn about the villages of Sifnos and its family friendly beaches.

Accomodation in Sifnos, Greece: Nima Sifnos Residences
Nima Sifnos Residences
Nima Sifnos Residences

Appartments in Sifnos: NiMa Sifnos Residence

The appartments

Nima Sifnos Resedences is located 5.5 Km away from Kamares, the island’s port. All 4 appartments have a wonderful view to the sea and their architecture follows the modern cycladic construction using stone and white elements in a plain but at the same time contemporarty aesthetic.

Two studios can host up to 4 people (5 if you have small kids) and the other two up to 3 guests. Each appartment has a bedroom, a sitting room, used as a second bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. The interior is plain and clean without any unnecessary accessories. In this way, you can relax, body and soul, let yourself go watching the sunset in the horizon and leave the holidays of your dreams.

NiMa Sifnos Residence
Accomodation in Sifnos, Greece: Nima Sifnos Residences
Nima Sifnos Residences

The studios are fully equipped with kitchen equipment, flat tvs, modern coffee machines and anything you might need for your kids. Specifically, you can ask for a crib with a regular matress and a mosquito net and high chairs.

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Kitchen and sitting room

The connection of the sitting room and the kitchen is very convenient if you have kids as you can serve all their needs and at the same time have a look of where they are. In case you don’t have kids you can use the kitchen either to cook and save money or just keep your refreshements, water and fruit cold and fresh.

Accomodation in Sifnos, Greece: Nima Sifnos Residences
Nima Sifnos Residences


Bathrooms are plain but spacious and I am sure they are going to cover all your needs. They all have a shower but you can ask for a baby’s bath if your kid is up to 6 years old. You can also find kids shampoos and soaps.

Balcony or yard?

Each room has a private balcony where you can enjoy the view, have your breakfast and drink your drink.

Specifically, the first studio has a big balcony, the second a balcony and a private yard, the third its own private yard and the fourth a balcony.

Breakfast served in your room

What I liked the most is that breakfast is served in your room. You can wake up in your own convenience and let hospitable Eleni and her team of NiMa Sifnos Residences take care of you by bringing you a tray full of tasty goodies. The only thing you have to do is sit in the balcony and enjoy your food and the view!

Greek Breakfast at NiMa Sifnos Residences

Health Regulations

The staff follows all health regulations as stated by the local authorities. All studios offer hand sanitizer and you can ask for a first aid kit, masks and a thermometer. Appartments are disinfected after every use and are sealed till the arrival of the next guest. You can also have an intact check-in/check-out and choose to pay by card or online.

Hope you liked our suggestion and enjoy your vacations in Sifnos!


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Accomodation in Sifnos, Greece: We suggest Nima Sifnos Residences. 4 newly built appartments to host you in Sifnos with view to the sea.

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