Alali Restaurant: Best Fine Dining experience in Santorini

Some days before our trip to Santorini , my husband and I had our 16th wedding anniversary. So, considering that our trip to this wonderful greek island would be like a second honeymoon for us, we decided to give a more romantic note to our trip and everything we did had a twist of romance and luxury. Gastronomic delight was in the plan of course. Alali restaurant is located in Akrotiri. It is a fine dining restaurant with stunning view to the caldera and the volcano and with very good reviews!

Alali restaurant, Santorini, Greece
Happy moments just before sunset in Santorini, In the Alali restaurant next to each table there are chargers to charge your mobile phone and blankets to cover in case the Cycladic breeze cools you.

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Alali restaurant

The restaurant doesn’t have many tables so as to respect privacy and calmness and to offer as much quality services as it can, so hopefully we had made a reservation some days ago.

Alali restaurant, Santorini, Greece
The view is amazing! Really unique!

Alali restaurant has been awarded a 1FNL (best restaurants awards) star.

Alali restaurant, Santorini, Greece
At Alali restaurant in Santorini, Greece

Ο ιδιοκτήτης μας υποδέχτηκε χαμογελαστός στην είσοδο, ενώ ο φιλικός μετρ μας οδήγησε στο τραπέζι μας. Το περιβάλλον, η μουσική, ο φωτισμός στη πισίνα και η θέα στην καλντέρα μας άφησαν άφωνους. Μα τι λέω! Άλαλους μας άφησαν! Άλλωστε αυτό σημαίνει και το όνομα του εστιατορίου! Speechless!

When we entered, the owner greeted us with a smile, while the friendly head waiter (maitre) led us to our table. The environment, the music, the lighting in the pool and the view to the caldera were all stunning. We were speechless! And you know what! This is exactly the meaning behing the greek word “alali”. Speechless!

Alali Restaurant. The best choice for food in Santorini
Alali Restaurant. The best choice for food in Santorini

In the past, “alali” was the name the locals had given to the area “Alali restaurant” is located because of the wonderful view and I totally agree with that name!

Alali restaurant, Santorini, Greece
Alali restaurant, Santorini, Greece

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The menu

But apart from the whole atmosphere, the dishes we tried were also excellent! If you are not sure about your options, you can consult the haid waiter who is more than willing to help you. Your order is made through a qr code application so that you do not have to touch printed catalogs.

Alali restaurant, Santorini, Greece
There are four main courses. We chose Chicken with corn, gorgonzola and parsnip and Beef black Angus with mushrooms and onions.

Alali’s excellent menu has been inspired and executed by award-winning Exetutive Chef Adam Kondovas along with head Ched Mano Reguko.

Alali restaurant, Santorini, Greece
Appetizers in the restaurant Alali
Alali Restaurant. The best choice for food in Santorini
Alali restaurant menu, Santorini, Greece
Alali Restaurant. The best choice for food in Santorini
Alali restaurant menu, Santorini, Greece
Alali restaurant, Santorini, Greece
Appetizer: Roasted carrots with chickpeas, sour cream and cashews


Santorini is famous for its unique wines and we totally recommend trying it. The soil of Santorini is fertile and it favors the cultivation of vines. Learn more about the wines of Santorini here.

In Santorini, there are fifty grape varieties and some of them are rare. The main variety of the island’s vineyard is Assyrtiko, the best, according to many, white variety in the whole Mediterranean! Assyrtiko is complemented by the other two basic white varieties, Athiri and Aidani. The are also many red varieties but the most important one is the Aegean Mantilaria. You can try them at a winery by booking a tasting tour or at a restaurant.

Alali restaurant, Santorini, Greece
Chicken with corn, gorgonzola and parsnip and Beef black Angus with mushrooms and onions.

For the main course we chose a bottle of white Assyrtiko, which was very aromatic and fruity. It was from Gavala winery (the one in the blue bottle), while for dessert we preferred a glass of Vinsanto. Both of them were great choices!

Alali restaurant, Santorini, Greece
Dessert at Alali Restaurant and vinsanto

“Vinsanto” of Santorini is a traditional sweet wine with dark bronze color, which belongs to the category of wines of the Designation of Origin of Superior Quality (OPAP Santorini).

Of course, these were our own choices. There were other dishes were you can choose from.

Hope you liked our suggestion and we will be happy to listen to your opinion if you visit it.


We were guests of the Alali Restaurant, but as always the views, within the post, are ours and come from our personal experience.

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Alali Restaurant: Best Fine Dining experience in Santorini

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