Dinner & Illusion Show at The Chamber of Mysteries in Malta

Our trip to Malta had many pleasant surprises and a lot of original activities which I would like to share with you. Malta Tourism Authority (Visit Malta) had decided to mesmerize us by offering us a unique night at The Chamber of Mysteries where Brian and Lola have combined exceptionally the Maltese cuisine with magic. How? Why don’t you come with us and find out.

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Magic Dinner Show “The Chamber of Mysteries”

When you arrive outside the building of the Magic Dinner Show “The Chamber of Mysteries”, I have to admit that nothing can prepare you for the beauty you are going to meet inside. At first sight it is just another maltese house but when you get inside….

Dinner & Illusion Show at The Chamber of Mysteries in Malta
The Chamber of Mysteries”
Dinner & Illusion Show at The Chamber of Mysteries in Malta
Malta, “The Chamber of Mysteries”

A traditional maltese house which was once a millhouse has been transformed into a warm and hospitable restaurant with a lot of hidden mysteries. The only thing we knew was that we would eat and see a magic show… nothing else. But our visit there was much more than we had expected. First of all the venue is impressive. The dominant red colour around the court (it is an open space) as well as the warm welcome of the owners was very relaxing. And after a very tiring day at the Valetta, that’s what we wished for.  

Dinner & Illusion Show at The Chamber of Mysteries in Malta
Malta, Dinner “The Chamber of Mysteries”


And then the food came and relaxation transformed into pleasure. The menu is standard (it depends of the package you are going to choose) and it includes 3-4 courses. Our option included the first couse (choice between soup and pasta), the salad and the main course (3 very well cooked dishes with meat) and the dessert. Very rich taste with huge portions (maltese are famour for it) that can satisfy even the most demanding customers Ah, and let’s  not forget that drinks are included in the price!

Dinner & Illusion Show at The Chamber of Mysteries in Malta
Malta, Dinner, “The Chamber of Mysteries”
Dinner & Illusion Show at The Chamber of Mysteries in Malta
Malta, Dinner “The Chamber of Mysteries”
Dinner & Illusion Show at The Chamber of Mysteries in Malta
Malta, dinner at the “The Chamber of Mysteries”

As we were approaching towards the end of our dinner, we didn’t know what to except. Where would the show take place. And then Lola came with a black hooded cape, ready to talk to the kids and prepare everyone for the beginning of the show. When we all finished our meal, as a big company of friends, we headed to the Theatre of Magic where we all had excellent viewing from our seats, which are so close to the stage. The show is being held in English so be prepared!

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The show

Brian was on the stage for more that an hour (the show is a little less than 1 hour and a half) and he was so humorous. He was like an actor who was performing a story. The show is much much more than a kid’s magic show with tricks. So don’t get confused. The show is a high level illusion show with specific performances that you won’t know the answer. I am still wondering about the how he performed a specific «trick» wih Rubic Cube (Brian if you are reading this, please tell me the answer, hehe!) But as my daughter says “what a magic show would be if we knew all the answers!”

You won’t get bored and on the contrary you might have the chance to become Brian’s helper! Do you dare?

Accomodation in Malta


So next time you will be in Malta, organise a fun family outing at The Chamber of Mysteris and you won’t regret it!


We would like to thank the Malta Tourism Authority as well as Brian and Lola for having us at the show and of course the Zarb Chauffer Ltd for our safe transfer inside Malta.

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