Family Holidays in Hydra, Greece, with kids

Hydra is an island in the Argosaronic gulf in Greece and it is only about 2 hours by boat from Athens. It is one of the best family friendly destinations near Athens for a day or more than one day trips and I am sure your kids wil not get bored at all…. and I have 10 reasons for that!

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Family Holidays in Hydra, Greece, with kids

Family holidays in Hydra with the kids

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No Cars

The fact that this island has no cars is enough to feel secure. From the minute you get off the ship, you are going to feel a sense of freedom. You are going to relax and the kids will have the opportunity to live the experience of walking in the cobblestone alleys without having you shouting at them “be careful” and “watch out”! Live your vacations to the full! Howerever, I have to inform you that on the island, you may find an ambulance for emergency cases and a dustcart for heavy carbage.  

Family Holidays in Hydra with kids. No cars, only donkeys
Donkeys in Hydra

We love donkeys!

The donkeys of Hydra have been photographed as few animanls on the greek islands (maybe they come second after the Myconean pelican) and they are really friendly. And even though my daughter did not want to come close to them in the beginning, in the end she loved them. I hope your kids are bolder and enjoy a ride in the narrow alleys of the island always respecting the animals and their needs of course.

Family Holidays in Hydra with Kids. No cars, only donkeys
Donkeys in Hydra
Family Holidays in Hydra, Greece, with kids

Miaw, little kitten!

Kids of all ages are going to be thrilled by the number of these cute little animals. After donkeys, cats are the most characteristic animals on the island and they have even inspired writers to make books about them (if you are a fan, ask the local souvenir shops about these publications) Hydra cats are friendly and they like taking a pose. Kids can find them everywhere… sitting on the steps of the alleys, waiting for some fresh fish next to the fishingboats or in the sun enjoying the heat. So, I strongly suggest having a scavenger game, asking the kids to find the most unsual ones. You can also give them your camera and ask them to take the best photos ever.

Family holidays in Hydra with kids. Cats are very popular and all over the island.

Yihaaa Cowboy!

Even though I don’t like animals to be treated like a toy, I am sure kids can transform every moment into a fun activity… and Harriet’s horses, which are closely connected to the kids can turn their day into an adventure in the woods, in the mountain or next to the sea. This is a great activity for the kids. They will feel comfortable and at the same time proud riding a horse and having a great ride… always under the protection and guidance of the experts.  

Family holidays in hydra with kids. Horse riding with Harriet's horses
Horse Riding in Hydra with Harriet’s horses

Info: Some years ago, Harriet came to Hydra from Engand with her mother on holidays. Since then they haven’t left. Their love about animals led to the creation of a horse farm, which are especially trained to come in contact with kids. The tours are designed for small groups with 1-5 people or even a little bit bigger but don’t forget that you need to book your ride first. The tours are not necessary to be made in the alleys of Hydra village but you can also choose the suburbs in the mountains or on the beach.

You can find Harriet and her horses here:

Do you enjoy boat rides?

Apart from the kids who suffer from sea nausea, Hydra is the ultimate destination to explore the island by boat with your kids. They can even enjoy just a small ride! Though, if you are a fan, you can use a sea taxi and ask for a ride to the best beaches of the island. If you stay more than 2-3 days, you can try different types of boats, from the traditional one to a small speedboat. The price is not high and you can even call them and ask them to take you back to your hotel.

Family holidays in Hydra with kids. Taxi boat.
Taxi boat

Splish splash Ι was taking a bath!

Who said that Hydra does not have beaches? You can enjoy your bath either by going to a nearby beach on foot (you need about 15-20 minutes) or taking a boat. Hydra has few but nice beaches, with pebbles or sand. When in Hydra, we enjoyed the Beach of Vlyhos!

Family holidays in Hydra with kids. Vlychos beach
Vlychos beach in Hydra

Rich history

Kids who are keen on listening about stories about wars, history and the greek power, the history of Hydra can offer them a lot of dynamic stories. During your free time, you can talk to them about the essential role Hydra played on the greek revolution in 1821. They will be thrilled on how this small beautiful island was the biggest marine power of that time giving birth to huge iconic personalities, such as Andreas Miaoulis and Kountouriotis.

Family holidays in Hydra with kids.
At Kountouriotis’ house the view to the island is amazing

Info: Don’t forget to visit the exceptional History Museum of Hydra and the Kountouriotis House where you can enjoy the wonderful view of the island.

Let’s go shopping

I don’t know about your kids, but my daughter enjoys going shopping and Hydra has a lot of shops for every taste and every pocket. Souvenirs, hats, bags, keyrings… kids will be thrilled by the little shops along the port and I am sure they will find something to remind them of their visit to this beautiful island.

Family holidays in Hydra with  kids. Shopping in the traditional shops with souvenirs
Family shopping in Hydra

Say Cheese!

Ok, It is widely known that the colours of Greece offer the best photos. So. you can totally take them into advantage. Especially if your kids are like my daughter Melita who likes posing, make them your models and have something nice to remember during winter. Kids will love the freedom Hydra can offer them. They can run like crazy in the alleys which offer the perfect scenery, they will be enchanted by the wonderful colours and they will enjoy the spectacular view!

Family holidays in Hydra with kids. Photoshooting time under the bougainvillea
Family photoshooting moments in Hydra
Family Holidays in Hydra with kids. Time for photoshooting.
Family photoshooting

Mommy, I’m hungry!

If your kid is a little foodie, then Hydra is what you need! Good quality greek cuisine and affordable prices. Home made food and mouth watering smells. My daughter, who is not a a fan of eating, enjoyed her favourite dishes, like pastitsio, and it was one of the rare times that food was not something that bothered us.

Family Holidays in Hydra, Greece, with kids

Read on the greek travel family:

Where to eat:

The restaurant “Orea Hydra” (Beautiful Hydra) was one of the best places we visited. And even thought we think that restaurants near the port are usually of bad quality, this is sth totally differst. During the day you can taste home made greek food and at night more gourmet dishes. Orea Hydra has been voted as the best restaurant in Hydra!

Family holidays in Hydra. Orea Hydra restaurant
“Orea Hydra” restaurant
Family holidays in Hydra. Orea Hydra restaurant
Orea Hydra” restaurant in Hydra

If you want to compine swimming and a quick walk outside the village of Hydra, then Vlychos is the excellent choice. You can go either on foot (almost 20 minutes walking) or by boat. It is ideal for families because kids can also play by the beach. “Enalion” at Vlychos offers excellent seafood food. At the same place you can also have your coffee and at night a drink! I totally reccoment it!

Family holidays in Hydra. Enalion restaurant
Enalion restaurant
Family holidays in Hydra. Enalion restaurant
Enalion restaurant

The “Piato” (The plate) is the destination for all of you who can’t do without meat. Though you can find seafood too. Modern meat dishes in a restaurant that is full of plates all painted by hand and some even by celebrities. Don’t miss it.

Family holidays in Hydra. Piato restaurant
Piato restaurant
Family holidays in Hydra. Piato restaurant
Piato restaurant in Hydra

Where to stay

There a lot of nice hotels and rooms in Hydra. We stayed at the following and we recommend them. Thery are for all budgets!

Family holidays in Hydra with kids
A Greek Travel Family in Hydra

As you understand, there are no excuses! I am sure your kids will enjoy your vacations in Hydra. But you as well, as Hydra is the ultimate family destination especially for those who seek an island close to Athens. You can even visit it just for a day or two!

More photos of Hydra– family holidays

Family holidays in Hydra with kids. Panoramic view
Panoramic view of Hydra
Family holidays in Hydra with kids. View of the port
Hydra port
Family holidays in Hydra with kids. Alleys of Hydra
Alleys of Hydra
Family holidays in Hydra with kids. Alleys of Hydra
Alleys of Hydra

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Family Holidays in Hydra, Greece, with kids - Hydra (greek island) is one of the best family friendly destinations in Greece for day or more than one day trips. Kids wil not get bored and I have 7 reasons for that!

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