Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria

Much of our summer motorhome vacation, we spent it in Austria and were captivated by the so many beauties this country generously offered us. Towards the end of our trip, about 30 km from the border of Slovenia, in the Corinthian region, which is also the area of the lakes, there were other beauties and unexpected sights waiting for us. This region of Southern Austria with its high mountains that lead to beautiful lakes with turquoise waters is a real paradise for both Austrians and tourists alike. Its capital is Klagenfurt, a beautiful city on the shores of Lake Worthersse and that was our destination. We planned to spend a few days resting in the quiet villages of the lake before returning to Greece, but also to visit the Minimudus Park and the Pyramidenkogel Tower.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
There are about 1,000 lakes in the Corinthian region and has two National Parks and 34 ski resorts.

The campsite we stayed overnight was close to Europark and its access was very easy. We had a comfortable stay and the location made it very easy for us to be able to easily and immediately tour all the sights.

Camping Klagenfurt am Worthersee
Metnitzstrand 5 9020 Klagenfurt am Worthersee Austria
GPS Lat 46.61851 Long 14.2568

Find αccommodation from the map below:

Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria

In the morning we found ourselves strolling along the narrow streets of Klagenfurt, which reminded us of a very Italian city. The old town and its historic center around the square had an impeccable urban design, having been rebuilt by Italian architects when it was completely burned down by fire in 1544.

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

The cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul we visited was a beautiful church with very fine frescoes and many gold-plated statues. But it had very few windows and too high for sunlight to come in, so it looked dark enough. It gave me the impression that all this was done voluntarily as if they wanted to hide his beauty in this way. It was a truly impressive temple on the inside, while on the outside it was very austere that you could only distinguish it from its tall bell tower.

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Klagenfurt, Austria

Landhaus-Place Rathaous

We also passed the Landhaus in the center of the city, a beautiful Renaissance building that we did not visit, but we learned in the aftermath that its walls inside are filled with stunning frescoes. We admired the magnificent 1908 city theater and of course the large central square of the Rathaous.

Holidays in Klagenfurt Austria
The Landhaus, a Renaissance building filled with frescoes inside

Castle Maria Loretto Castle

Our walk in town led us to the edge of Lake Worthersse to enjoy the beautiful sunset while sipping our coffee. About 15 minutes from the city center on the other side of the lake and reached the small castle Maria Loretto Castle. A sightseeing worth visiting because it gave us the opportunity to enjoy the absolute beautiful view of the lake surrounded by beautiful nature. We reached as far as Wortherseeschiffahrt, the harbor of the town from where we learned that the ferry lines were starting from there to make the way to the lake.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
From wherever you stand, Lake Worthersse offers panoramic views
Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
Lake Worthersse is the ultimate relaxing place to relax
Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
I enjoy my holidays

A tour of Lake Worthersse

The next day we decided to take a tour of Lake Worthersse. We wanted to see the small beautiful towns and villages that surround it and to get away from the big city hubbub. So it happened! Lake Worthersse is Austria’s hidden diamond, it is the Caribbean of the Alps. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria and has a great location that fascinates you.

Many years ago poor peasants lived around the lake, but in the early 19th century. due to the construction of the Austrian railroad passing by the lake, the area became a Viennese summer retreat not only for them, but also for tourists coming in for winter and summer vacations. The landscape is fairytale with the high mountains guarding it and creating a safe and very relaxing environment. Across the lake, except for its hamlets, there are scattered castles and villas that sprout up among the trees. A landscape that really caught our mind and made us forget and let go of its magic.

Lake Worthersse is 16.5 km long. 1.7 km wide and a depth of 42-80 m.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
The village of Krumpendorf photographed from above from the Pyramidenkogel tower observatory.

Its blue-green, turquoise waters are crystal clear and summer temperatures reach 24 to 28 ° C, so swimming in the lake is like being in the bathtub of your home! Lake Worthersse may also be called the Austrian Riviera, but if you love nightlife then this is not the place for you, but if you want serenity, tranquility, good food, friendly people and carefree walks then this is the perfect place for everyone you.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
A quiet and relaxing place to vacation is Lake Worthersse

The Corinthian region is an ideal place for a family holiday, especially in summer. You have so much to do if you visit it! Primarily you can swim on the shores in its crystal clear waters and enjoy many water sports. You should also take excursions to its beautiful villages by car, as it has a very good road network. The round trip around the lake without stops is about two hours. You can still walk on the beautiful and safe hiking routes around the lake, surrounded by a natural mountain landscape with lush vegetation.

Another option is to enjoy the lake on a short boat trip on the line. The journey takes about 4 hours round trip and you can use your ticket to get to any stop and take the next ferry. It works like a hop on-hop off boat. A truly enjoyable and refreshing trip around the lake and a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
The ferry line is the best way to see all the lake villages and visit them.

Your first stop will of course be in the magnificent Maria Worth village. In my opinion it is the most beautiful lake village with two small churches and you can easily explore it until you get to the next ferry line. Find the tourist information office in the center of the village and get a map of the area with the sights.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
Panoramic photo of Lake Worthersse with Maria Worth village penetrating its waters (photo by Pyramidenkogel tower).

But at Velden am Worthersse, a bustling casino resort where you can try your luck, with nightlife, expensive restaurants and many shops worth a stop to stroll around and discover the beautiful city. If you’re not staying in Klagenfurt, Velden is another choice if you’re looking for a more cosmopolitan vacation as it has luxurious hotels and many famous stay there.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
The Velden am Worthersse
Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
Capturing the beauty of the place

A stop is also worth taking in the village of Portschach am Worthersse as well as in Krumpendorf.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
Portschach am Worthersse and Krumpendorf.

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Excursions and sightseeing around Lake Worthersse


A great option is to take a tour of the town of Villach which is a tourist resort and a beautiful city. In addition, another good reason is that it has natural hot springs that are rich in sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium with many treatment centers and you can have a wonderful healing bath. We visited her, stayed for two days at Villach and she left us the best impression.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria - Villach

The main pedestrian street of the Villach Market with colored houses and cafes.
Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria - Villach
Are we going for a walk in Villach?

In the end I can conclude and say for sure that if you have the opportunity to get to know a country by staying in its smaller cities it is the best option to spend well on your vacation. Villach as a location is also a transport hub and passes through the city on the A 11 motorway, which will pass through Slovenia via a large tunnel (Karawanks Tunnel). The distance from Villach to the tunnel is approximately 25 km.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria
River walk in the town of Villach, Austria

Within easy reach of Klagenfurt you can also visit old churches, palaces, castles and many other sights.

Hohosterwitz castle

In the Corinthian region and around Klagenfurt there are about 25 magnificent medieval castles, such as the legendary medieval Hohosterwitz castle built in the 9th century. and is one of the symbols of Corinth. It is said that this fortress was the role model for the castle in Walt Disney’s “Snow White” cartoon. The castle is very popular and is built on a 150 m hill in the small town of Launsdorf, about 25 km north of Klagenfurt, and when the sky is clear, the castle is visible 30 km away.

Holidays in Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee, Austria - Hohosterwitz castle
The legendary Hohosterwitz castle in New Austria very close to Klagenfurt

The medieval war museum, but most importantly admire the beautiful view that you will be generously given to the plain. The Hohostervits castle could not of course be missing as an exhibit of the miniature buildings in the Minimundus theme park that we intended to visit the following day.

Porsche Museum

For male visitors to the area about 90 km from Klagenfurt, in Gmünd, has been the only private Porsche Museum in Europe since 1982, displaying many of Porsche’s most famous models. Austrian designer Ferdinand Porsche worked at Gmünd from 1944 to 1950 and many of the classic handmade models were made here. In 1948, the first Porsche handmade sports car was manufactured. All the mechanical parts as well as the bodywork were manufactured without the use of a workshop. 70 years ago, at the Gmünd plant in Austria, Porsche had introduced the 356 A Coupé and 356 Convertible, two diaxronik? A models left in the history of the car.

Read about the Car Museum in Greek here

Very interesting to see all the sights of the area to visit in the Corinthian region of NS, but we decided to visit only two of them because we felt they were very special and we did not find them elsewhere. We first climbed the Pyramidenkogel tower with the best and highest viewing platform that really excited us and took our breath away, and the next day we visited the world-class miniatures of buildings, the Minimundus that made us feel like children.

Click here to read the post about the Pyramidenkogel tower and our visit to Minimundus

We spent some sunny days and great nights at Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersse area and included it in the most beautiful areas of Europe! What better place could we have chosen for a relaxing holiday party? If you too want a simple, relaxed, quiet but also fun and educational place for your children in Europe, this is the best solution.

Thanks again for reading and I always wish you good travel wherever you choose to go.

Mom Maria

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