Romantic Stay at Apanemo Hotel in Santorini Greece

The island of Santorini in Greece is one of the top destinations in the world and a few days ago we had the chance to visit it without our children and we enjoyed a three-day stay just the two of us. For this romantic getaway, we chose Apanemo Hotel, located at the southern tip of the island in Akrotiri area.

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Thira or Strongyli (former name) is a Greek cycladic island in the south of the Aegean Sea. It is known for its still active volcano, whose last volcanic activity was in 1950. Santorini volcano is one of the largest underwater active volcanoes in the world. 3,600 years ago, during the great eruption of the volcano, the entire center of the – at that time – circular island sank into the sea and the new island of Santorini was created. At the point where the island sank is the caldera, which is the largest caldera on Earth.

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Apanemo Hotel,Santorini, Greec

Apanemo Hotel is around 15′-20′ away from the island’s airport. It is about 17 minutes away from Thira and about half an hour away from Oia. It is close to the beaches of the island, the port, the lighthouse and the archeological site of Akrotiri but also to several wineries.

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece

The first impression

Even though it was already eleven o’clock at night when we arrived at the hotel, it enchanted us with its beauty but also the incredible view of the whole caldera. The lighting around the rooms and the swimming pool created an incredible atmosphere!

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Our room (new superior room with a view)

Our room was large, spacious and relatively simple, but with everything you need for a comfortable stay, with a large built-in bed and two large armchairs in front of the huge windows overlooking the caldera. On the other side of the room, there was a small fridge and plenty of space for our luggage, our cosmetics and also a small office. The bathroom was comfortable, clean and it had a built-in shower and a window with a view!

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Our room, Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Each room of Apanemo Hotel has a private bathroom, a fridge, a TV, air conditioning and a hairdryer. A daily cleaning service is also available in all rooms.
Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
George in front of our room entrance, Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece

In my opinion, the best asset of our room (superior with view) was the large corner balcony. The view took our breath away even though it was night. Imagine us next morning!

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini Greece
Apanemo Hotel, Santorini Greece

Apanemo Hotel has 25 rooms and apartments divided into six types, depending on their capacity and facilities. Each room is decorated with the traditional architecture of the island. Click here to see all rooms

However, the picture was completed the next morning when we saw the white freshly whitewashed walls of the houses / rooms with the blue shutters in the sunlight. The sea, with the sun’s rays shining on it, seemed motionless and the brown-red caldera with the houses on the edge of the cliff made us wonder if what we were looking at was true or imaginary. It looked like a painting! And it was then that we realised what it is that makes foreign tourists come to Santorini! Santorini has something that mesmerizes you and it can not be compared to any other island.

Romantic Stay at Apanemo Hotel in Santorini Greece 8
Pool, Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Enjoying the view during breakfast
Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Enjoying the view during breakfast, Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece

In the morning the view, either from the room, the pool, or the terrace where breakfast is served, was magical. The image of the sea and the caldera looked like you were looking at a wallpaper! And belive me this eerie beauty is real and it is located in Greece on the island of Santorini!

Romantic Stay at Apanemo Hotel in Santorini Greece 12

Another advantage of Apanemo Hotel was that the wifi has a strong signal in all areas of the hotel…especially in the rooms! I emphasize this because in many hotels I have stayed in the signal in the rooms is bad.

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
My dress and belt by
Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Fuchsia bougainvillea is a typical plant of the Greek islands. But aren’t they beautiful?


Under normal circumstances the hotel offers a breakfast buffet, which its owners are very proud of! However, due to covid-19, the way of serving breakfast has changed. Guests are given an individual booklet with the breakfast menu and the can check what they want to eat the following morning. The options may not be as many as they would be in the case of the buffet but believe me they are enough to eat something different every day.

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Breakfast time

The menu is rich and I highly recommend you to try the omelettes or the scrabled eggs accompanied by some salad, grilled mushrooms, Santorini cherry tomatoes and the traditional tomato balls. Also try the exceptional savory cakes with trachana (traditional pasta in small pieces)!

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Breakfast was a pleasant surprise every morning

The dry Santorini tomato is one of the most famous and traditional products of the island. Thiw product is of an Italian origin and was brought to Santorini during the Venetian occupation. It is very tasty and its sweetness is due to the arid soil, which is cooled by the night and morning humidity.

Romantic Stay at Apanemo Hotel in Santorini Greece 18
Prive breakfast just for the two of us near the pool

The breakfast area is also excellent, small but not suffocating. From the veranda you can see part of the caldera and the village of Akrotiri which is near the hotel.

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
View, Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece

The swimming pool

In the area of ​​the two swimming pools, made on three different levels, there are sunbeds and umbrellas to enjoy the Greek sun, and a jacuzzi!

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Pool, Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Beachwear by Hotel, Santorini, Greece

During lunchtime you can enjoy your snacks, salads, sandwiches or drinks next to the swimming pool. The hotel restaurant serves cold and hot dishes. Additionally, there are tables in some parts of the yard to sit with your friends and enjoy your lunch.

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Lunch next to the pool. A club sandwich with chicken for me and a burger for George. And of course a cold coctail. Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
The outdoor areas of the restaurant by the pool, Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece

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Having a rest and privacy

One of the most important things for me apart from the unique view is privacy. I wouldn’t like to stay in a hotel somewhere in Oia and be photographed by passing tourists while relaxing on the terrace of my room or even by the pool (something that happens in many hotels in Oia or in Imerovigli where hotels are built on the rocks of the caldera!). What happens in Apanemo, stays in Apanemo! :))

At the same time, Apanemo is the right place to relax! The environment is quiet and peaceful.

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
The truth is that I only read a few pages of the book I had taken with me. My mind was running on the paths of Oia and Fira. -Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece

The hotels is also family welcome. There is a kids swimming pool and you can ask for a cot.


The staff was very friendly and helpful. What impressed us, though, is that both owners, Spyros and Manolis, were also very friendly with everyone and made us feel very welcome. In fact, they gave us their own suggestions for activities and attractions on the island.

They also shared with us that the fact that this hotel was actually the dream of their grandfather! Every year they make renovations as they wish to imporove it and be able to offer better and higher quality services to its guests. Unfortunately, as competitiveness in huge, only the view or the location is not enough and they strive for the best!

Don’t forget to ask for their family-produced honey!

What to see in Santorini

The hotel is located in the area of ​​Akrotiri. Although it is actually not located on the most touristic side of the island (Oia or Fira), I would not change our decision to stay there! It can very easily become the starting point for your daily excursions. The distance to the most important sights and the famous beaches of Santorini are very short. In addition, close to the hotel there is a horse ranch to book a romantic horse ride on Vlychada beach. Of course you have to visit Oia and Fira to see the sunset and also a winery since the volcanic soil of the island and the varieties that are grown give special wines unique in the world.

Romantic Stay at Apanemo Hotel in Santorini Greece 26

In the village of Akrotiri you will find a pharmacy, gas station, mini market, cafes, taverns and restaurants.

Santorini is not a very big island. Even if you stay 3-5 days you will be able to visit it all and see all its sights. For your convenience, we would suggest renting a small car for flexibility and easy parking. Click here to contact Kronos Car Rental. In fact, by saying that you are our readers, they will serve you even better by giving you a better price.

Romantic Stay at Apanemo Hotel in Santorini Greece 28

See here the must-see of Santorini!

Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece
Ready for our romantic night out in Santorini

No matter how you decide to spend your days in Santorini, one thing is for sure… you have a lot to see and do. You can relax at your hotel or swim on one of the island’s beaches, which are truly unique, you can visit museums and archeological sites or have some cultural or shopping walks.

Enjoy the Greek sun and the Greek seas, try traditional products and get in touch with its people who are very hospitable.

We were guests of the Apanemo Hotel, but as always the views, within the post, are ours and come from our personal experience.


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Romantic Stay at Apanemo Hotel in Santorini Greece 31

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