Spotypal, your little buddy with good memory

Are you also characterized by the annoying habit of “I forget all the time”? Then, yes, you are at the right place. If I were a book, it would definitely be called «Everything I forgot to do,» and if I were a series, it would be called, «Katerina, the Forgetful». My dad had the gene, you see, and he passed it on me and now it doesn’t leave me. Even my kids have started laughing at me and give me the most imaginative science fiction ideas so as to find ways not to lose stuff. And finally, in 2019, one of these ideas has finally became real, not from my kids of course, and it is called Spotypal! But now let’s just get serious because things are impressive! How would you feel if I told you that you can find the things/people/animals that you have lost by using only one application on your smartphone and a small but miraculous gadget?

Spotypal is a small device that it can even send out SOS in case of an emergency. It can even help our children, if they have it with them! And if that sounds too extreme to you, how about hanging it on your pet’s strap and finding it in case you lose it? This particular device is great and below you can read more about all of its features in detail.

Spotypal, your little buddy with good memory

Spotypal… you little pal

Spotypal ( is a small, lightweight and durable detection device with an emergency button. It works with a watch battery and connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and a free application, Spotypal. You don’t need a SIM card for this and there are no additional monthly charges. You only pay once! The application of Spotypal is a patent of the Greek IT company Terracom, located in Ioannina.

Ι can’t find my keys… again!

The item I constantly lose is my keys. OMG! Even though I try to put my keys at the same place every time, I often lose them and I’m late to go to work because I try to find them before I leave home! Sometimes I can’t even find them when they are in my own bag! I am unbelievable, I know!  In the last few days, now that I use Spotypal, I don’t  have this issue. I find them through the application on my mobile phone and the Spotypal speaker.

Spotypal, your little buddy with good memory 2

Luggage which travel… and are lost

If you do not have an issue with your keys because you are constantly traveling and you are with a suitcase in hand, Spotypal will surely be a very useful gadget to you! No more lost suitcases! And even if it hasn’t happened to me, I’m sure there are people who have an experience of lost luggage.  

Spotypal, your little buddy with good memory

Connection Procedure

The procedure of connecting the device to your mobile phone is very simple. First,  download the free app on your smartphone and register only by using your email (or your facebook account). Activate the bluetooth of your mobile phone and press the device’s button to connect by giving it a name and selecting an icon. Put the device on the item you do not want to lose (suitcase, keys, wallet, car, bike, bicycle, pet, or even to an elderly relative or your child) and if you lose it, you can find it either via the Spotypal’s speaker (it will make a sound if it’s close) or via the map on your cellphone as the device keeps in its memory the last place they were connected.  Of course, don’t forget to switch on the “My location” button on your mobile phone.

Spotypal, your little buddy with good memory

Spoypal… the guardian angel of kids

For me, the most important feature of Spotypal is the Emergency Button (SOS). As children grow up and start moving around having so many dangers around them, I would definitely feel more secure if I knew they have Spotypal with them. Well, someone could say that a mobile phone would do the same job. But what if they can’t use it? In a case of an emergency, they can just press a button and Spotypal immediately sends an SOS message (or whatever text you choose) so as to spot them on the map through your registered mobile phones or your email (soon SMS)! Of course, the above procedure requires the child to have downloaded the application on his / her mobile phone.

Let’s have a look at an example. Let’s assume that your daughter already has the application on her mobile phone and leaves home having the Bluetooth, the location and the wifi switched on. Spotypal should also be connected to her mobile phone. If your daughter feels the need to notify you and tell you that sth is happening but cannot use her phone (for any reason), she can press the Spotypal button and the smartphone sends an e-mail to you including her location and the message you have selected. All these are applicable, of course, only if you also have the wifi and your location switched on in order to be able to connect to google maps.

Pets… our playful children

When our dog, Oscar, was little, was constantly running away. There were times where we were looking for him in the nearby fields of our village. But if we had Spotypal back then, we would just hang it on its strap and we could find him anytime. Fortunately, 20 years later, that doesn’t seem like a science fiction scenario anymore. So, your pets can be safe now!

Find the elderly… whether you want it or not :))

If you have an elder person with dementia or a relative living alone at home, Spotypal may be THE solution to the problem of losing them! * In case he/she gets lost or needs to inform you, he/she can do it with the touch of a button. So you will be able to find him/her through the application and an e-mail that is going to be send to you. Then, you will connect to google maps and you will find his/her location on the map. Not recommended for bad mother-in-laws, hehe

*the elder should have a smartphone and the wi-fi switched on. For tech-freak grown-ups!

Spotypal, your little buddy with good memory

Where is my car?

Oh, don’t tell me that you have never forgotten where you have parked your car! If this is a daily routine for you, leave Spotypal in the car and the application will take you to it through google maps! In fact, the app keeps in memory the location where you left the car when you parked and it lost contact. Please, don’t panic! Spotypal has everything under control!

Lost mobile phone

And what if you lose your mobile phone?  Is it somewhere in the house or maybe it is under the couch? Well, first of all, make sure you have not lost Spotypal as well and that your mobile phone isn’t switched off. Press the button and it will call your cellphone even if it is in silence. Technology is years ahead. Will you stay behind?

Hey, forgetful, I am talking to you!

And now that you know how forgetful I am, let me open up myself towards you even more! Almost every time I’m out of the house, I forget something and I have to go back and get it. Of course, the voices of my children’s laughings and my husband’s comments are following me!  Did you know that your mobile phone can send you an alert that you have forgotten the item you have connected to Spotypal? I told you, its advantages are endless!

Spotypal, your little buddy with good memory 7

One is not enough

Sometimes one is not enough! If you have lost your pet or something else and you report it online, the SpotyPal community will help you find it. This means that any registered SpotyPal user is near a lost object will notify you of its location without even knowing it. So let’s say you have Spotypal on your keys and you lose them. If you send a notification to the community and someone is close to the keys, then it automatically connects and informs you of their location. All these can happen anonymously and with respect to the privacy of the users, of course. Spotypal is already being distributed world widely and I think we have stayed a long way back in Greece. It is time for our community to grow up too.

Spotypal is small and lightweight. It has also got a loud speaker and a led light around its button. It comes in three colors (white, red, dark blue) and is waterproof too. So far, it only sends SOS alerts by email but in the coming months it will be able to send it via SMS! Its price is not prohibitive and especially when it comes to serious issues such as finding an elder person, a pet, children or expensive items, then it is definitely worth buying it.

If you like it, PIN IT!

Spotypal, your little buddy with good memory 9

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