The best islands you can visit during your trip to Greece

Greece is a great country with rich history and has offered great …. to the whole worlds. Most people, though, know her as a great holiday and summer destination especially due to the fact that it has got some of the greatest waters in the world and a lot of traditional islands. Did you know that Greece has almost 6.000 islands and islets but only 227 of them are inhabited? Today, us and our readers from our FB travel team (become a member for free here) are going to suggest 13 of our favourite ones and we are looking forward to listen to your opinion too in the comments!

Best Greek Islands


Greeks who live in northern Greece love Sporads, as they consider them as their own Cyclades. Not so much in the appearance but as far as the holiday mood, fun and night life is concerned. However, Alonisos is a little bit differest as it is more wild, pure and totally green! Its atmosphere can win the heart of every visitor and offer him/her relaxation and wonderful dives in the turquoise waters. Even seals find these waters appealing.

Alonisos, Greece


Not even one has ever told me a negative thing about Astypalaia. Nor for the prices or the people. My secret wish is to visit the island to admire Chora and the white houses, which seem to slide from the sky. Panagia Portaitissa, the caves, windmils and the enetians ruins create a magical land, which crowns Astypalaia as the Queen of the Dodecanese.


Not much to say about Thassos, not because we dont’ have much. On the contrary, we said it all in our post here:

Vacations in Thassos, a green greek island


Kalymnos has taken its name by the word “kalos” (beauty in ancient greek) of its waters. Thought, nowadays Kalymnos is also very proud of its alternative tourism as it offers great mountains for those who are keen on rock climbing. In addition, it is famous for the beauty of its “sea floor” and the history of sea sponges. Hiking, caving and more in Kalymnos which connects past to present.

Kalimnos, Greece


Kimolos is an island which compines the old-fashioned with modern, tranquility with night life, family friendly with couplesgoals. It’s an island for all tastes! The crystal clear seas which can be near you or you might need more than 30 minutes to reach them are breathtaking and you won’t regret it.


Kythira is the biggest island of the southest edge of Eptanisa and I am sure you will need a car to discover its beauties, wonderful beaches and picturesque villages. Castles, caves and windmills are waiting to welcome you and why not, your little explorers if you are a family. Food is also exceptional. Don’t forget to buy local honey!!

Kythira, Greece


I went to Mykonos when I was a student at university and as you can understan I had the time of my life. Since then I haven’t been to the island but there are those who are huge funs and consider Mykonos as the Queen of the Cyclades. Be sure, you are underestimate Mykonos is you think that it is ideal only for fun and greek night life experiece. Little Venice, windmills and some of the best beaches are waiting for you.

Mykonos, Greece

If you want to combine mainland greek destinations, check out our suggestions: 10 must see destinations in mainland Greece.


Paxoi is my husband’s favourite island but unfortunately we haven’t managed to visit it together. As you propably know, Paxoi are very famous for the wonderful turquoise waters and boat rides in its caves and remote little beaches. Of course, you cant’ leave without visiting Antipaxoi and enjoy your dives in the cold waters of the Ionian Sea.

Read also on


I might be one of the fewest people in Greece that hasn’t visited Santorini. However, its unique beauty has made her famour all over the word. Fira, Imerovigli, Oia… all its villages are wonderful. At Easter, the light up thousands lanterns and candles and the whole island is like it is on fire! If you are a romantice person, then definitely try its tasty wines.

Santorini, Greece


One thing is sure! You are going to eat some of the most delicious dishes as it is the homeland of Tselemndes, one of the most famous chefs of Greece. Start strolling in the small alleys of Artemonas, visit the old town and the castle and seek for traditional tastes, such as “revythokeftedes” and “manoura“. Even if you don’t have a car and you stay in Apollonia, which is the capital of the island, you will again be satisfied and combine also night life.

Sifnos, Greece


A lot of people love Tinos not only for religious reasons (read here in our greek blog about the church Panagía Evangelístria here) but also for its beauty. There are those who travel to the island almost every year to visit Panagia of Tinos and those who want to experience the cold waters, the cycladic breeze and the blue and white colour of the small villages. However, architecture and arts have played an important role for the development of the island.

Tinos, Greece


This small island of the Argosaronic with the rich history and the important roled it had in the set up of the financial and political life of Greece, will amaze you. You can read more in our post here.

Family Holidays in Hydra, Greece, with kids

Hydra, Greece


Chios is the fifth largest island of Greece and its scent it definitely the aroma of mastiha. Because the island is big, you will propably need a car to tour its villages and especially Mastihochoria (Mastiha Villages).

Chios, Greece

Of course this was not a touristic guide or a post to give you detailed information about these islands. This was a rather inspiring post, so as to “convince” you travel to Greece and learn some of the not so famous greek islands. We hope we managed it! So, we are looking forward to seeing you in Greece soon!


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