The Minimundus in the Europark theme park in Austria

On our trip to Austria we were captivated by the many beauties this country generously offered us. Its towns, its beautiful villages, its magnificent landscapes in the high mountains, its well-maintained roads, clean environment are just a few of which left us with the best impression Before leaving Austria we wanted to visit Lake Worthersse where Minimundus is also, the theme park with miniature buildings from around the world. We did not take the Austrian mountain roads which are a little trickier, though they are the most beautiful, and pass by deep ravines, large tunnels, observatories and towers, although we took the easiest but most beautiful road and reached Klagenfurt, and the capital of the region.

Διαβάστε αυτό το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά πατώντας εδώ

The first building thumbnail was placed in 1959 by a charity and to date all proceeds go to the foundation.

Lake District-Austria

The region of Southern Austria, also called the Lake District, is a true paradise and has given us many unexpected experiences in landscapes of unparalleled beauty. The area is surrounded by the high mountains of the Alps and there are beautiful lakes with turquoise waters.

The largest lake is the Worthersse and we wanted to visit its small towns and villages, explore the sights of the area and be amazed by the beauty of the place, to escape the traffic of the big cities.

Of all the sights we saw in this area one of us traveled all over the world uniquely and stayed in our minds, it was our visit to Minimundus located in the magnificent theme park, Europark. If not, traveling with your children is the perfect destination for them and a special experience because through miniature miniature buildings they will travel around the world and get to know buildings that they may never visit in their lifetime.

The Minimundus

Minimundus is located on the west side of Lake Worthersse and exhibits miniatures from many famous buildings and monuments around the world! All building replica models are 1:25 scale and are made with great precision and meticulous detail that is astonishing.

Located west of Klagenfurt, Europark is a large park where you will find the largest playground, the Spielpatz and of course the Minimundus.
The Parthenon, a temple of ancient Greece of the 5th century. BC in honor of the goddess Athena. It is located on the Acropolis of Athens.

TIP: At Minimuntus you will park for free in the large car park at the entrance of the park. Coordinates 46,6208635 – 14,2634558

The two important buildings in Venice, the church of St. Mark and the bell tower.
The Basilica of St. Peter in Rome and its square ..
The details of the construction on all the miniature buildings are stunning

Minimundus has 170 mini models from 40 countries around the world and is updated and supplemented every year.

The Sagrada Familia, The Church of the Holy Family, in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain, designed by architect Antonio Gaudí (1852-1926). Although unfinished, the church is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

We started with a keen desire to walk the streets and try to get as many photos as possible! The many words in this case are really very poor no matter how much I try to write. Fortunately the building models had signs and information alongside them, because many of them were completely unknown to us and we wanted to know what country they were from. This of course helped me since I had details of each exhibit so I could clearly write the post. At other times we knew what we were seeing and at other times through the information we provided we admired the exhibit that the details that they have actually make them and make you travel. That’s why I let you travel through my photos and enjoy and ultimately forget about them.

Yemen’s Haraz mountain range is famous for fortified villages, perched on inaccessible rocky peaks. The buildings are in harmony with the environment to such an extent that it is difficult to discern where the rock ends or begins.
The 9th century Buddhist temple Borobudur Temple in Central Java, Indonesia. Since 1991 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The city of Petra in Jordan carved into the rocks has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.
El Castillo, built by Mayan civilization, between the 8th and 12th centuries is the most recognizable monument of their culture and served as a temple of the god Kukulkan, Mexico.

Kids can learn about tourist attractions from all over the world, see how they are made, explore them and see some of the places they may never be able to see in real life.

Mesa Verde in Colorado, USA. Mesa Verde National Park was founded in 1906 to preserve the archaeological heritage of people who lived there for over 700 years, from 600 to 1300 BC.

The place is unique, a garden full of flowers with cobblestone streets looming between them, feeling like Gulliver in the land of dwarfs.

My suggestion is to have water bottles with you, because you will be in the sun for a long time because the trees are scarce and the sights you should see are

A noise suddenly caught our attention and we all headed there and what to see? At that time there was a “rocket launch from Cape Canaveral America” and … we were present!

And then we ran up to the Pisa tower because it was going to fall … and some held it.

The Pisa Tower in Italy. It is the bell tower of the city’s cathedral with an involuntary inclination today estimated at about 3.97 degrees.

And then voices were heard … because the Titanic was sinking!

The Titanic

And in the end we all said to have fun together and climb the big wheel to have a panoramic view of the park.

The big wheel at the Prater Amusement Park in Vienna, Austria. It was built in 1897 and was the largest wheel from 1920 to 1985.

We spent three hours in the park, observing everything carefully, playing as kids with mini-trains traveling between us or observing various boats in the small lakes of the park.

Endless game in Minimundus, Austria for young and old
All Minimundus at Europark, New Austria, is a vast playground with everything moving, be it ships, trains, cars or rockets.

Inside the exhibition area there is also a beautiful hangout where you can relax and enjoy your coffee. Next door, you can also buy your photo as a souvenir from Minimundus, as they will surely have photographed you when you enter the park.

Κατά την είσοδό σου στο πάρκο, ενώ είσαι ανυποψίαστος, οι φωτογράφοι σου βγάζουν αναμνηστική φωτογραφία, την οποία στο τέλος μπορείς να αγοράσεις.

Info: In the same area there is a planetarium which is suitable for young children. It’s big, spacious with very good sound and image and I think it’s a unique experience for both the young and old who visit it. The information I get is that every Wednesday the Minimundous stays open until 11pm so you can enjoy all the sights and nightlights with lighting.

Travel to Austria: Travel to Salzburg, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe

Minimundus at Europark in Lake Worthersse, Austria I highly recommend it and do not miss out if you pass the area with your children or friends to visit this attraction, as it is a great place and at the same time educational for all, but also fun at the same time. Me anyway, sure if I had the chance I would go again !!!

Behind us is the magnificent Vienna Palace, Belventere Palace Vienna

Opportunities for travel, just like in life, are given to us at all times, we just have to distinguish them and take advantage of them! So I have to say to those who say, but not now, we can’t, later, read on the internet … that if you are given the opportunity to travel, don’t leave it. Grab it by the hair and travel! Because travel is where you will experience the real experiences that no Laptop or Google will give you.

mama Maria

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