The Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower in Austria

In the Corinthian region of southern Austria, most months are very good with the sun shining many hours a day. The crystal clear waters of 1000 lakes and above are tempting for every visitor, while its thermal and hot springs make the area attractive for all those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday. We had a very relaxing and relaxing day in this area and specifically in the town of Klagenfurt located on Lake Worthersse. We explored, enjoyed and enjoyed it before leaving for another major sightseeing attraction. On the hills above the village of Maria Worth and about 20 km from Klagenfurt is the Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower overlooking the lake, which for 2010 was the tallest observatory we visited.

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The Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower in Austria - lake
The Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower in Austria
Klagenfurt is located on Lake Worthersse

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Pyramidenkoger Tower

A good condition to enjoy the view of the area from above was the good weather and indeed that day was our ally because the day was sunny. From a distance, we could see the tower rising above the tops of the trees, as if its stigma was being revealed to us and inviting us to go and see it up close.

The Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower in Austria

Pyramidenkoger Tower- GPS 46,6095291 – 14,1453799

We arrived at a large and comfortable parking lot with free parking and after getting off our tickets, we went up the elevator to the last plateau of the tower. The view was breathtaking towards the beautiful lake with its villages, its churches and the many beautiful villas and mountains of Corinth, as the view from there was panoramic 360 degrees. Of course, we saw them all better than the tower watchtower and it was as if we were walking in their beautiful streets. The scenery captivated us with its beauty!

The Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower in Austria
Pyramidenkogel Tower. The scenery captivated us with its beauty!

In 1950 they had built a wooden cross-shaped observation platform originally intended to commemorate the dead of the two World Wars. Later, between 1966-1968, the Pyramidenkogel tower was built, which was a steel and concrete tower. It was a futuristic, highly visited tourist attraction that by 2008 had 5,000,000 visitors.

The Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower in Austria
The old Pyramidenkogel Tower
The Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower in Austria
Pyramidenkogel Tower

However, the tower that we climbed that year and enjoyed from the last observation platform the magnificent surrounding landscape, was demolished and replaced by a new, taller tower. In 2013 the new tower-building, which is made of laminated steel, 100 m high, was inaugurated.

The Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower in Austria
Pyramidenkogel Tower

It has two viewing platforms, the first at 65 m high with the Sky Box on the ninth floor, at 70 m high covered with glazing for protection. You can climb the stairs but I do not recommend it as it is only … 440. The elevator is the best way to climb up to 70 m. The special feature of the new tower is a spiral, located in the center of it and you can slide down and descend the helical 120 m, from its top to the ground floor, at a speed of 25 km in 20 seconds!

On the ground floor of the tower there is a restaurant and of course the shop necessary to get souvenirs. Do not think they have forgotten the joy of your children, because there is also a great playground for them to play and have fun. Even if you have small children with you there is also a solution for you to enjoy the attraction for yourself as there is a play house for your little ones.

The Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower in Austria

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The Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower in Austria

We left the tower full of the magic of this place and with images we could not see anywhere else. Picturesque magic of the beautiful lake with turquoise waters and full of green from the vastness of the forested mountains around At that time the tower might not have impressed us as a construction, but I think if we had visited the new viewing tower today, our admiration would have been double. And for the magnificent natural landscape we would see again, but also for its new and modern architectural construction.

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On the hills above the village of Maria Worth is the Pyramidenkogel Observatory Tower which, for 2010, was the tallest observatory we visited.

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