Vacations in Thassos, a green greek island

Greece has got a lot of beautiful islands. As far as the tourists are concerned, the most famous ones are Myconos and Santorini or maybe some islands close to Athens (in the Argosaronic Gulf). So, today, we would like to suggest a different island. An island in the Northern part of Greece, in the Aegean, known for its crystal cleat beaches but also for its vegetation. This island is one our favourite, it is the emerald island, Thasos.

Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Potamia, Greece
Potamia, Thassos, Greece

Thasos is an island which compines green mountains and blue emerald seas. Unfortunately, some years ago two big fires destroyed a big part of nature and forests but since them a lot of reforestations have been made in order to undo the huge damage. However, the island is still full of plants (pines reach the sea at some beaches), greenery and the buzz of the leafhopers. Thasos is always the island for the most relaxing family vacation that will allow you to enjoy your baths and the coolness of summer.

Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Alikes, Greece
Alikes Beach, Thassos, Greece

The island got his name from an ancient hero of the mythology called Thassos. Αccording to mythology Thassos was the son of the god Poseidon (the god of the sea). After Herdot, he was the first settler of this isle. He was so exhaust, when her was searching his sister Europe, that he took a rest on this island. So the island was called after him. Thassos.

How to go

If you travel by plane, there are two options: Macedonia Airport (SKG) in Thessaloniki and the Kavala Airport or “Megas Alexandros” Airport (KVA) near Chrysoypoli, since the island does not have its own airport.

  • When you reach SKG, you can rent a car and head towards Kavala to get the ferry.
  • When you reach KVA, you can take a taxi to Keramoti (15 min. ride), take the ferry and then rent a car in Thasos.
Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Kavala, Greece
From Kavala to Thassos by ferry boat

If you travel by car, you can take the ferry either from Kavala (through Egnatia Odos – E90) or Keramoti. Especially in the summer, ferry services are frequent and the voyage is very short since the island is only 6 nautical miles away. The tickets are also cheap and kids travel for free.

  • From Keramoti, you reach Limenas in 40 minutes
  • From Kavala, you reach Skala Prinou in 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Potamia, Greece
During your ferry trip, the gulls will keep you company. Have some bread with you so that the children can feed them.


If you have a big family or a big company of friends with you, we suggest staying in a wonderful two floors villa, Panorama Villa, in Skala Kallirachis. This villa has got three bedrooms and all the amenities needed to enjoy your vacations. It has also got a private beach, which is ideal for families with kids.

The house has 3 bedrooms and all of them have their own style. One bedroom has a king size bed, the other a queen size bed and the third has two single beds.

Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Villa Panorama
This is one of the three bedrroms of the villa
Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Villa Panoram, Greece
Relaxation moments in the balcony of the 2nd floor

The house has got a big balcony with wonderful view to the sea and a garden with a barbeque to enjoy grilling and food on the garden table.

Villa Panorama, Thassos, Greece
The small garden outside the living room can offer you relaxation but it is also a wonderful spot to enjoy your family meals.

During summer, even in the hottest times of the day, you can relax in the house since there is airconditioning. You can relax in the big living room with the high balcony doors enjoying the view to the see, watch movies on Netflix, play Xbox360, surf on the net, listen to music or cook in the fully equipped kitchen.

Villa Panorama, Thassos, Greece
The living room and at the back a fully equipped and modern kitchen.
Vacations in Thassos, a green greek island 9
Comfortable sunbeds for the beach will be waiting for visitors in a wonderful spot overlooking the Aegean

Health protection

Panagiotis and Stavros, the owners of Villa Panorama, trying to do their best for the protection of all of you this summer due to the unprecedented pandemic, wish to inform you about the preventive measures they have taken, the amenities they have added and the safety services you can enjoy during your stay at their villa: 1) At the time being, the whole area of the island is subject to travel restrictions in order its citizens and future tourists to be protected. 2) The Villa is located outside the residential area of the island. It has a private beach and you can be isolated if you wish. 3) After the initiative of Open Homes and for preventive reasons, home owners must wait 72 hours between the bookings because of the increased exposure danger. 4) Before of each arrival, apart from usual cleaning, they disinfect areas where are commonly used by the guests. 5) Delivery of your shopping is possible by the local super market on the same day of your order. During this summer (2020) and your whole stay, they offer for free: 1) Hand sanitizers (antibacterial and disinfective) 2) Gloves and wet wipes 3) Soaps 4) Table napkins 5) Wipes 6) Toilet paper rolls

For more details about the house and in order to make a reservation, click here. You can also contact the owner directly on kigis[at] (replace [at] with @ to send an e-mail)

See the reviews and make your reservation from Airbnb from here

Villa, Panorama, Thassos, Greece

Villa Panorama can be your base and from there to start enjoying the other beauties of the island, the golden beaches, its folklore museums and archaelogical sites but also the small taverns and villages.

Beaches and villages of Thasos

There are a lot of seaside or mountainous villages to stay or visit. Its beaches are almost all with white sand and blue waters but there are the ones with small pebbles as well which do not lack beauty. We suggest touring the island by car in order to see it all and have a more general idea of the place.

Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Limenaria, Greece
Limenaria, Thassos, Greece

If you have time, we suggest separating the island into half and have two separate day-trips. It is going to be more relaxing. Continue reading to learn about the must-see spots of the island.

Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Theologos, Greece

Panagia is the village where you can find Golden Beach (one of the most famous beaches of the island) and you are going to absolutely adore it! (see photo)

Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Panagia, Greece
Panagia, Thassos, Greece
Panagia, Thassos, Greece
Panagia Village, Thassos, Greece

Infο: One of the olderst villages of Thasos is Kastro and you should see it.

5+1 best beaches of Thasos island

After discussing the issue of “Best Beaches” with locals, we suggest the following great sea spots: Golden Beach, Psili Ammos (a small bay with sand and deep waters), Alyki, Marble Beach (or Saliara), a beach with artificial sand made of grated thasos marble, which is a little bit difficult to reach through a dirt road), Paradise Beach and Giola, a natural stone pool in the south, which you can reach via a dirt road and some walking (alternatively you can go there by boat)

Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Golden Beach, Greece
Golden Beach, Thassos_Greece
Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Giola, Greece
Giola, Thassos, Greece (photo credits)

Of course, there are many more large and small beaches that you can discover during your visit to the beautiful island of Thassos.

Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Maries Beach, Greece
Maries Beach, Thassos, Greece
Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Kinira Beach, Greece
Kinira Beach, Thassos, Greece
Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Greece
Beach in Thassos
Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Tripiti beach, Greece
Tripiti Beach, Thassos, Greece
Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Scala Sotira, Greece
Scala Sotira, Thassos, Greece
Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Scala Kalorahis, Greece
Beach at Scala Kalirahis, Thassos, Greece

Sights of historical interest

In the capital of the island, in Limenas, you can find a lot of sights of historical interest about the history of the island since ancient times and roman and byzantine period. You can visit the Archaelogical Museum, where you can see a “Kouros”, 3.5 m. high, the Head of Panas… ancient theatre in the Acropolis of Thasos.

There are also a lot of folklore museums at Limenaria (you can enter for free), at Theologos, at Kallirachi, at the House of Thasos at Limenas, at the Hall of Kalogeriko. Finally ,you can visit the Oil Press Sotirelli (at Panagia) with the traditional watermill and the Museum of Olives and Olive Oil to learn about the traditional and more modern production of oil.

Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island, Limenas, Kalogeriko Hall, Greece
Kalogeriko of Thassos is a two-storey building of the 19th century and is located in Limenas, the capital of the island. In Kalogeriko, visitors have the opportunity to take a tour of a traditional Thassian house on the 1st floor. The ground floor hosts exhibitions and cultural events.

Archangel Michael’s Monastery (near Giola)

The female monastery of Archangel Michael is built on the edge of a cliff, near Theologos village. The view to the Aegean is trully mangeficent and you have the feeling that it floats. A small part of the right nail from Jesus Christ’s Cross is kept in the Monastery.

Archangel Michael's Monastery, Thassos, Greece
Archangel Michael’s Monastery, Thassos, Greece

4 suggestions for food in Thasos

  • We would like to suggest the village Kazaviti. Under the big plane tree in the heart of the village, you can find the tables of the traditional restaurant Kazaviti. You should try the local grilled meat and the greek homemade dishes where you will never forget. Though, don’t forget to bring your jacket because at night even in the summer you might need it.

Info: Kazaviti is a beautiful and picturesque village located in one of the island’s mountain. It is separated into the Mikro (small) and Megalo (big) Kazaviti, which are only 500 m. away from one another. They are also known as Mikros and Megalos Prinos (Small and Big Prinos)

Limenaria, Thassos, Greece
Limenaria_Thassos, Greece
  • Pefkospilia is both a restaurant and a beach bar at Pachi Beach after Prinos village (heading to Limenas). Its menu mainly includes seafood and meat but there are also some very tasty appetizers.
  • In the mountainous village Sotiros you can also enjoy the cool atmosphere under the trees in the traditional and plain environment of the cafe Platana. This place is also called “ouzeri” because there you can find great varieties of “ouzo” and appetizers (“mezedes”)
  • In the square of the mountainous village Maries, you can find the traditional Petsas Tavern.
Limenas, Thassos, Greece
Limenas, Thassos, Greece

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Local Products

Don’t leave from Thasos if you don’t try “loukoumades” (ask them covered in honey). Buy some honey or other bee products and traditional “spoon sweets” or “sweet preserves” (sweet made from fruit cooked in syrop). The most famous taste on the island, where you can’t find it elsewhere, especially so tasty, is the “karydaki” (walnut sweet preserve)

Local Products, Thassos, Greece
Buy some honey or other bee products and traditional “spoon sweets” or “sweet preserves” (sweet made from fruit cooked in syrop).

Thasos has got a lot of olive groves which produce exceptional olive oil and olives. The most famous ones are the…. where you can find in a super market or from local producers. The rich vegetation of the island also offers a variety of herbs. Don’t forget to try wine or “tsipouro” and the “feta” or “kaseri” cheese of Thasos, the local meat and of course the fresh fish.

Limenas, Thassos, Greece
Limenas, Thassos, Greece

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We hope you enjoy your staying on the island and please, don’t hesitate to leave your comments after your visit. If you have already visited it, tell us which is your favourite beach on the island.

Sunset, Kallirahi, Thassos, Greece
Sunset, Kallirahi

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Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island with crystal beaches
Vacations in Thasos, a green greek island with crystal beaches. Accomodation: villa panora, scala Kalirahis

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  1. Thassos is a great place to visit in Greece. It has all the beauty of a Greek island while not having the crowds that some other islands in Greece has, such as Santorini and Mykonos. You can enjoy a relaxing Greek vacation here.

    • Indeed, one of the positives of the island, apart from the beaches and nature, is the tranquility. I think it is an island that can offer relaxation on our vacation.


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