Why you should trust a family travel blogger

Either you have a family that travels 4-5 times per year or only once a year, you definitely need some recommendations, especially when it comes to accommodation. So, who are you going to ask? Maybe a relative, a friend or someone you  know that has been to your chosen destination? If you are an internet fan, a Milennial, or even a Generation Z, you will probably visit a travel forum or tripadvisor and read the ratings. Tweeter is also a must and Instagram will also give you more inspiration. But what about a family travel blog? Would you read it? Would you trust a family travel blogger? Well, you should and especially if you are a parent! And I have five reasons for that.

Why I should trust a family travel blogger when organising a trip with kids or my vacations.

Why trusting a family travel blogger

  • Isn’t it wiser to trust a more “personal approach” than reading a post by someone who might not even been to the place you want to visit? The majority of travel bloggers do not write about a place if they haven’t visited it. Let alone, family travel bloggers who not only do they visit a place but they also take their kids along.
  • A family travel blogger is also a parent like you! It is impossible to send you to a place where it would be dangerous for children. Mutual respect and understanding. The goal of a family travel blogger is to find the best family destinations, accommodation and activities. Trust me!  If a travel blogger notices sth that is not appropriate for kids (even if they write a sponsored post), he/she will say it!
Why I should trust a family travel blogger when organising a trip with kids or my vacations.
From our family trip to Kythnos island
  • Bloggers, in general, wish to build trust with their readers. So no one would write sth not true risking his/her value and reputation. Readers can be very harsh on bloggers if they find that sth is untrue of even opposite to their opinion. So, family travel bloggers are very careful and believe me, no time to answer to frustrated readers!  
  • Family travel bloggers wish to entertain their kids and not only to relax on the beach as they have a travel post to write J . So, in many blog posts you can find hidden secrets of a destination or details about “the best ice cream shop” or the “funniest kids activity”. So, as you don’t have time to waste as a parent, then a family travel blog is the key to find the best activities for kids. Your kids will love you!
Why I should trust a family travel blogger when organising a trip with kids or my vacations.
You can read more about our lunch to Hard Rock Cafe Athens here
  • Do you think that family travel bloggers have come from out of space? They are different than you? No, we are exactly like you. We wish sometime of relaxation and to have fun with our kids. We struggle with work, money saving, medical issues, kids tantrums, eating disorders, heavy luggage! The difference is that we travel a little bit more often and we are used to arranging trips. Okay, we might take a few more pictures as well!
Why I should trust a family travel blogger when organising a trip with kids or my vacations.
Family trip to Kythnos

Read more:

Most readers are afraid of the sponsored or paid posts and they doubt their authenticity. This is might be the case in some blogs but don’t judge all without first reading them. For me the key is to trust specific family travel bloggers (you can choose them!), read their posts, see if you like their choices, photos and way of writing and follow them to their trips. Of course not just online but get inspiration and do the same! Become their fellow “online” travel buddy and not just another random reader!

So, you are welcome to stay on our blog, also visit our greek family lifestyle and travel blog, Anthomeli, and see that family travel bloggers are not just influencers but real life families, just like you!


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Why I should trust a family travel blogger when organising a trip with kids or my vacations.

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Hey there! I am Callie and I am a full time family lifestyle and travel blogger on our first blog Anthomeli! Mmmm, now that I am thinking about it, I’m not only that. I am a translator, an English teacher, a mum, a wife and of course a sister and a daughter. Too many titles for one person, but when you are a life enthusiast living in sunny Greece then everything is possible! As a family travel passionate I am going to show you, here on our second blog, the Greek Travel Family, how to spend quality and valuable time with your kids during holidays! Our family of 3, my husband, my daughter and myself, enjoy enriching our life through travel. So, are you coming along?

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